Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Emissions

Formación Eficiencia Energética en Redes de vaporBITHERM would like to thank the technicians from Técnicas Reunidas and INITEC for coming and taking part of the courses on Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Emissions, held in Madrid, December 1-3. The courses focus on the design of highly efficient steam networks that use technologies that reduce energy consumption over 15%, as a response to the challenge of climate change.

BITHERM gets homologation by SAUDI ARAMCO

Bitherm GroupBITHERM is happy to announce its recent homologation as manufacturer and supplier for monitoring systems and steam and gas leak detection at SAUDI ARAMCO . BITHERM is appreciates the trust the Saudi Oil company has placed on our patented SmartWatchWeb technology to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions at their crude refining facilities just as several Spanish refineries have done in the past (CEPSA,REPSOL, & PETRONOR)

Great steam savings and CO2 emission reductions at PETRONOR

Refinería de PETRONOR en Musquiz.

PETRONOR's refinery at Muskiz has dropped its energy intensity index (EII) under 100 for the first time. EII is an international marker established by Solomon Associates used to measure energy efficiency in refineries. PETRONOR has made a 37 million Euro investment that has materialized on several operative actions that have resulted in huge steam saving and important CO2 emission reduction. BITHERM is grateful for the trust that PETRONOR has placed in our SmartWatchWeb monitoring system used as one of the tools used to reach this important milestone.

Follow the link for the article at Petronor's site, click here.

BiTherm in the motorbikes

Francisco Sánchez taking a curveBiTherm keeps betting for Francisco Sánchez Castilla in the amateur motorcycling 900cc category. Under this tier he will compete in the 38th Corpus Cartagena Circuit Trophy, which will be held between June 13 and 15 2014. Classification runs will take place on Friday the 13th, and the race will be held the next day.

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