Our facilities

Electronic Automated Production Center BiTherm has an automated production center with a complete assembly line for microelectronics equipped with very technologically advanced machinery. With this infrastructure, the company has design and experimentation capacity, relying on its R&D and innovation laboratory, prototyping and testing, mass production of end products (35,000 components per hour), and quality control aided with machine vision.

Factory This factory includes a solar panel installation on the roof of its 1500 m2 area (16145 sq feet) which supplies all the energy needs the facility may have. This ecological challenge consitutes proof of the company's stron commitment with energetic efficiency and sustainable growth. Additionally, the company has full manufacturing autonomy, providing a better and faster service to its customers.


OpenedLocated in Southeast Spain, the production center opened June 2 2009. This event was attended byr:

  • The University, Corporation, and Research Counsellor of the Region of Murcia, Don Salvador Marín Hernández

  • The Mayor of La Unión, Dón Francisco Martín Bernabé.


Test bench The factory has a test bench that simulates a complete steam installation. This way end products can be tested before being shipped to customers. This bench is also equipped with remote IP video access, thus we can train our employees remotely. The bench includes steam and gas leak detection and monitorization unit connected to the SmartWatchWeb Data Center. There is an additional test bench used for research and development of contamination sensors in residual water equipped with a hydrodynamic channel.